Our Fleet

Downhole Mud Motor

Downhole drilling mud motor is used in the bottom hole assembly (BHA) to provide additional power to the bit while drilling.

Composite Centralizer

Casing centralizer made from polymer material designed to effectively center casings in highly deviated or horizontal wells.

Roller Reamer

Roller Reamer is used for reaming. It stabilizes while drilling the abrasive formation. Roller Reamers are designed for reaming and stabilization in any type of formation.

Circulating Sub

Circulating Sub is an special equipment designed to pump hole cleaning or lost circulation material through its dedicated circulating ports.

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About Our Company

Cyclone commercial model is solely based on supporting customers to achieve their primary business objectives.

PT. Siklon Sinergi Internasional (Cyclone) is private national company, founded on 2018 upon seeing opportunity in supplying downhole drilling equipment.

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